MGA Capital Limited

MGA Capital Limited

MGA Capital Limited (“MGA Capital”) was formed in 2008 is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to underwrite and manage all classes of business through brokers, and was granted Lloyd’s of London Coverholder status in 2009.

MGA Capital’s business proposition is to create a portfolio of niche underwriting ventures (termed Pillars) each headed by an industry expert and trading independently of the others, but all supported by a central MGA Capital operating platform and oversight framework. Underwriting capacity is provided by a variety of providers both through Lloyd’s and the Company market.

Whilst each underwriting management team will be shareholders in their own Pillar organisation, these will all be part of the MGA Capital Group.  The Pillar organisation will employ the underwriting team, own the brand and website address and build the relationships with brokers.  Each Pillar will become an appointed representative of MGA Capital and therefore under the responsibility of MGA Capital for all compliance issues, underwriting oversight, accounting, payroll, HR, IT and systems support.

Independent Services Group Ltd made an investment in MGA Capital in January 2012 and provides support services to MGA Capital and the Pillars. The MGA Capital Board comprises Andrew Herbert, Nick Readings and David Pye.

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