Non-UK Clients

Non-UK Clients

Our offering replicates all the functions of the London placing broker but with the brokerage being earned by our client and with our remuneration being derived by way of fee for service.

To enter the regulated market it is a requirement that a UK registered entity – we only recommend a UK registered limited liability company – is created and this vehicle is wholly owned by our client. Our business model is based on the need for us to co-manage this entity for the protection of ourselves and our client (who is likely operating in a Non-UK environment) as it is essential that sufficient brokerage is retained in the UK entity to meet on-going operational costs of supporting previously placed business.

We collectively manage the UK registered entity and this in turn is supported by our full technical support offering that encompasses placing through to all the back office activities ensuring a compliant and economically effective handling of our clients’ business.

Throughout the technical delivery our Account Managers and Delivery specialists will support and guide our client to a successful placement in the right market which may include the client’s domestic market.

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