UK Clients

UK Clients

Our offering is focused on supporting business producers looking for a delivery mechanism into the London (both Company’s and Lloyd’s) and Bermuda Markets that is not in competition with the producer’s own business.

This offering is the provision of a full turnkey solution whereby the producers are based in our London,EC3 offices. The producer’s limited liability trading vehicles are co-managed by us and the producers who are the sole owners of their enterprise. Our experienced team of facility managers, IT professionals, corporate secretarial, corporate accounting and insurance centric business managers ensure the prudent and sound operation of their businesses.

In parallel our technical support team are made up of highly experienced placing brokers, where such skills are needed, and a full team of technicians, accountants, claims and compliance specialists.

Our services provide all that a business producer would need for all aspects of their business, enabling them to focus on business development and client support. If necessary our Account Management team are available to assist with client support but only where specifically requested.

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